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The Sagittarius constellation is visible late at night in the early Summer,
at midnight in August and before midnight in Autumn.

(23rd November - 21st December)

Myth tells that Cronus, husband of Rhea, transformed himself into a horse to avoid Rhea's jealousy and kidnapped the nymph Philyra, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, and they have a son, the centaur Chiron. Chiron was immortal due to divine gift and had gentle personality, was very erudite and with medical experience and so he was the loved master of many Gods and heroes. While he was fighting with the Giants, Hercules allows an arrow slips and the arrow stuck into his master's knee. The master felt terrible pain, because arrows were dipped in the poisoned blood of Hydra of Lerna. Chiron went to a cave with thousands of pain, without any hopes of recovering or dying; he begged Zeus to revoke his immortality in return of giving back freedom to Prometheus, who was condemned to be enchained forever in Tartarus. Just after Chiron's death, Zeus welcomed him in the sky as a constellation, for celebrating his wisdom and altruism.


α  (alpha) is named Rukbat al Rami, the archer's knee
β (beta) Arkab means tendon
The bow is outlined by three stars:
λ  (lambda) is Kaus borealis, the Northern part of the bow;
δ (delta) is Kaus Media, is the central part of the bow;
ε (epsilon) is Kaus australis, the Southern part of the bow
The arrow's tip is γ, Al Nasl, the tip. The bow's asterism is quite visible, while it is more difficult to identify the biform creature who pulls the bow and (maybe!) it could be useful to know that ζ (zeta) is named armpit, while ν (ni) is Ain al Rami, the archer's eye. It is very easy to see the "teapot" at our latitude. This is the central part of the constellation and the only one which is well visible. The teapot's base is made of ζ (zeta) and ε (epsilon). The teapot's lid is made of ϕ (phi), Albaldah, λ (lambda) and δ (delta). The teapot's spout is made of γ (gamma), Nash, and finally the teapot's handle is made of σ (sigma), named Nunki, “of Enki”, the Sumerian god of waters, and τ (tau). σ (sigma) is the 49th brightest star which is visible from the Earth.

The Sun passes through this sign between the 23rd of November and the 21st of December, approximately. Sagittarius hieroglyph represents an arrow pointed towards the top, means the ascending uprightness, the victory over heaviness, the emancipation from earthly conditions and overcoming normal conditions. This is the sign of unification, integration in tune with Jupiter, which is the domicile of this sign. Individuals born under Sagittarius sign tend to internal ascesis, enlightenment of the soul, they tend to overcome their limitations with an impetus of elevation,  express themselves with social participation and integration, love travelling, are friendly and cheerful. It is a fire and stable sign.

The gemstones which are suitable for this sign are turquoise, protecting the health, and sapphire, which is dedicated to Jupiter. The essence of this sign is violet, the colour is blue.

“I wonder if the stars are lit up because everyone will find its own one day.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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