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The Pisces constellation is visible late at night in Summer, at midnight in Autumn
before midnight in late Autumn and at evening time in the early Winter.

(21st February - 20th March)

Most of this constellation is located in the Northern hemisphere, and so it is visible in the Northern hemisphere for the most part of the year (from August to the beginning of March); while it is less visibile in the Southern hemisphere. When Zeus dethroned his father Cronus, the Titans, who were the children of Uranus, opposed the subversion, but were defeated by Zeus, who chained up them and allowed them to sink in Tartarus, with the help of the other Gods, the Cyclopes and the Centimanus Giant. Gaia, goddess of the Earth and mother of the Titans, generated Typhoon, huge monster, and agitated him against Zeus, to dethrone him. The Gods, scared of Typhoon's strenght and brutality, started to escape everywhere, taking the shape of different animals. Aphrodite, goddess of love, plunged into the Euphrates with the inseparable son Eros, while they taken the shape of fishes linked together with a long ribbon. Starting from then fishes, consecrated to Aphrodite, were located in the sky as a constellation, while Typhoon, finally defeated by Zeus, was thrown into the bowels of the Earth under the Etna volcano, where he emits flames and smokes in eternal grumble. The Sun passes through this constellation from the 10th of March to the 17th of April and the constellation culminates at the end of November at 9 o'clock pm. It takes up a large dark area, because it lacks bright stars, and is surrounded by Triangle, Andromeda, Pegasus, Aquarius, Whale and Aries.


It is possible to observe the costellation of Pisces joining alpha and beta stars in the square of Pegasus and proceeding downward, because the constellation is located between Pegasus and Aquarius and the Pegasus stars' connection brings to Fomalhaut, more below. Pisces are visible for the most part of the winter, staying on our meridian at Midnight, until the end of October. The most important star of this constellation is alpha Al Risha (from the Arabic "the rope"). It is a double star composed of  a yellow star and a blue star. It is located in the point where the ropes which join the two fishes are tied. The Van Maanen's star is very distinctive, is big as well as the Earth. This constellation is important because includes the point where the Sun passes through the celestial equator. This point, called spring equinox, was originally located in Aries, but it has been moved to Pisces constellation due to the slow rotation of the Earth around its own axis.


The Pisces constellation closes the Sun's journey along the Zodiac, is the point of conjunction between the reintegration of what is shown in the "One" and the beginning of a new expression. The symbol is represented by a line which joins two brackets overturned toward the outside. This symbolizes two fishes placed in opposite direction but joined together, which swim in water, that represents breakup and rebirth. This sign corresponds to the illusory death of nature which introduces its springy rebirth. In astrology Pisces sign is from the 20th February to the 20th March. This is a mutable and water sign, ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. The emotional instability and the mystic element are represented in this sign's iconography. Two fishes are joined together. One of them points downward and toward the darkness, while the other one points upwards and toward the light. Sometimes one gets the better of the other one and vice-versa; these individuals are artistic, dreamer and idealistic.

Pisces are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and the more appropriate gemstones are the gemstones connected to the water. First of all pearl, which is feminine and promotes women's fertility. Marine coral is also appropriate for this sign, as well as aquamarine and amethyst, a violet crystalline quartz which stimulates concentration and self-examination, when is worn. The essence is wisteria and colours are green water and turquoise.

“I wonder if the stars are lit up because everyone will find its own one day.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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