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The Leo constellation is visible late at night in Winter,
at midnight in the early Winter and at evening in the early Spring.
(23rd July – 23rd August)

A straight line goes from the North Star through the Pointer Stars of the Ursa Major, Dubhe and  Merak, to the fifth zodiac constellation, the constellation of Leo.
In the myth, it represents the Nemean lion, defeated by Hercules during the first of his twelve labours. Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alcmene. Alcmene was seduced by Zeus, who resembled his husband. Zeus attached Hercules to the breast of sleeping Hera to give him immortality through her milk. Hera woke up with a start (a milk drop fallen from her breast became the Milky Way) and getting angry, sent two snakes to avenge the double betrayal of her husband, but the baby was very strong and killed them. When Hercules grew up, he was considered the Good Giant, because he always used his strength to defend himself and other people, but not to offend other people. Hera did not tolerate Hercules happiness and made him mad provisionally, and Hercules, gone crazy suddenly, killed his wife Megara and his children. When Hercules came to his senses, felt remorse and so his trusty friend Teseo advised him to consult the Delphic oracle to alleviate his suffering. The oracle suggested to put himself at the service of the King Euristeo for atonement, and the King Euristeo imposed to him the famous twelve labours, among them the victory on the Nemean lion.


The brightest star of the Leo constellation is the Regulus α Leonis, “little king” which shines on the heart, then there are the Denebola β Leonis, the “lion’s tail”, and the Algieba γ Leonis, the “mane”. In ancient times, the constellation was more extended, the lion’s head included the Northern part of Cancer and the Linx, while the end of the tail was represented by the famous mane of stars, which is now included in the Coma Berenices.


Leo hieroglyph is represented by the lion’s tail. It is a fire sign and the element of fire represents the season of full summer, the harvest period of mature fruits, the period of maximum development of vegetation, the period of fullness, abundance and vital splendor, the Sun, the life, its light is the moment when the harvest is enjoyed, the accomplished success is enjoyed. In astropsychology, the V zodiac sign is named the “sign of the son”, because it symbolizes the fully developed individual, the achievement of consciousness and individuality. This is the sign of power and domicile of the Sun. Individuals born under this sign are proud, royal, self-centred, love to be admired and so are susceptible of admiration, have willpower and determination joined to kindness.


The gemstones of Leo sign are the gemstones with gold-yellow light, which is a warm colour as well as the Sun. Examples are the topaz, which is allocated to Poseidon and is the guardian of the dangers of the sea, but also supporter of earnings; amber is a fossil resin and represents courage. Also diamonds are conferred to Leo sign, because are the brightest gemstones. The essence of this sign is incense, colour is gold-yellow.

“I wonder if the stars are lit up because everyone will find its own one day.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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