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1 - Introduction respects its costumers' privacy.
This legal policy is released in accordance with D.Lgs. 196/03, which is under the Legislation 95/46/CE for protecting personal information and the Legislation 02/58/CE to protect personal information in electronic communications. provides this legal policy to inform its costumers about the purposes of personal information collection, management types and modality and personal information processing. also lets you know other people or organisations which receive your personal information and informs you about customers' privacy rights.
This policy is valid for all websites and domains registered by the the Company.
This website can include links to other websites, as an advantage for the costumer. This company does not share personal information with these websites. The access to these websites allows the costumer to leave, so the Company is not responsible for any personal information that the costumer will provide to others not related to the Company, because in that case personal information are not protected by this policy.
The Company encourages its costumers to read the legal policies of other people or organisations, which are involved, very carefully.

2 - Types of personal information

This policy is related to the collection and management of personal and non-personal information.
Personal information are related to the customer's identity. They can include anagraphic data, gender, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, user ID and password, business deal or credit card, bank account details, contact information, education degree information, job information, personal or working interests, family composition, survey and products judgement's information.
Non-personal information are related to the use and operation of the service and are not associated to the customer's identity. Non-personal information can include pages and site URL that the customer has been visited, browser's type and IP address.

3 - Child protection

The company protects children privacy and does not collect personal information of children aged until 14 years old, who can use this Company's services only under the supervision of their parents or an adult in their stead. If the Company will know that personal information of children aged until 14 years old are owned by the Company, it will delete these information and ensure that no one will use or spread these information, as soon as possible.

4 - Conditions of use of information

The website allows the costumer to visit the website without giving information about costumer's identity or spreading personal information.
However, it is necessary to give some personal information, if the costumer wants to access website's features and use company's services. The collection of compulsory personal information, marked by an asterisk during the process of service's use or in the registration form, is necessary for example for the costumer's registration and to recognize the costumer as a registered one in the website, to manage online orders, business deals and send the purchased product, guarantee contract and invoice emission, send comminucations, give support and help services, which include post-sales guarantee and help services, reply to requests for information and services, set up a prize, organize prize competitions or other promotional offers, evaluate the possibility of hiring individuals who write personal information in the "career opportunities" section, and also for purposes related to legal duty and regulations of competent authorities.
A potential failed conferment of these data allows the Company to not provide the required services and to do the previously mentioned procedures.
The Company could require other personal information, which are useful to understand customers' interests and needs, to improve the service. Personal information, which are discretionary and freely provided by the customers, will be used by the Company anonymously and joined with other information to create general profiles of service's customers and so fulfill their needs.

The Company will use personal information for marketing purposes only upon the customer's informed consent. This consent allows the Company to provide other services and information as a completion of products and services.

Information will be used for sending recurring informative "newsletter", for updating services and offered benefits, personalization of promotional offers, general marketing communications, such as information about new products and special offers, communications related to website's changes, invitations to take part to marketing surveys, retention tool for customers and other marketing ventures. Consent to the processing of personal information for the mentioned services is optional. The rejection of consent could allow the Company to not provide personalised services. The consent can be given during the registration process.

Non-personal information are collected and joined in reports related to usability, website's features and strenght. These information are used for evaluating the customers' use of the Company's websites, to improve the service offered to the costumer, the ease of use and the website's contents.

Non-personal information can be collected automatically, for example through the use of analysis technologies, such as "cookies" or "web beacons".
The Company can also publish advertisements on other websites, which can use these technologies.

"Cookies" are small files, which are saved on the customer's hard disk, when the customer accesses a website.
These files are used by the Company to allows the costumers to use some personalised services, avoid the need of inserting the password many times, provide information fitting customer's interests during web surfing; these files are also used to improve the website security, create anonymous surveys on customers' behaviours and interests, saving the website's sections which are more visited, the customer's path in the website and their fruition time. This registration process follows modalities which guarantee to keep the data in anonymized form.
The following personal information are provisionally collected in "cookies": the source URL, the following inserted URL, the type of browser which is used and the IP address.

"Web beacons" allow to detect the costumers who clicked on the key elements of a website's page or e-mail. Information are usually used alongside "cookies" and allow the improvement of the website's content and related services.

If the costumer's browser allows to reject "cookies", the costumer can reject them. In this case, the use of some services could be blocked and it could be required to re-enter the password many times during the same session.

The processing of collected information has the only purpose of allowing the Company to dispense with its services satisfactorily.
The processing of information can include their collection, registration, organization, preservation, elaboration, change, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interdependence, block, notification, distribution, cancellation and demolition, or the combination of two or more of these procedures.
This type of processing can be carried out using papers, information technology, telecommunications or using the Internet.
Information collected by online resources can also be completed using information collected by the Company using other resources, for example by mail, during "chat rooms" registration processes, forum or messages, through call centers or during public events, such as exhibitions or seminars.
However, collected personal information are processed with respect to current regulation, and so with respect to accuracy, lawfulness and transparency, to ensure costumers' safety and privacy.
The Company guarantees that personal information will be used only to support the relationship with the costumer and has the responsibility to not sell or rent personal information to other subjects.

5 - Information sharing

The Company has the possibility to sell or rent personal information to other subjects.
Personal information can be transmitted  for the purposes specified in the privacy rules and with respect to current regulations to other subjects who have contracts with the Company related to products and services supply (package delivering, sending e-mails or mails, assistance supply, payments processing etc.) or who have specific roles in the Company (banks and credit institutions, credit rescue companies, legal consultants, insurance companies, etc.)
These subjects have to keep information received from the Company private with respect to current regulations and cannot use them with purposes different from the services which they provide on behalf of the Company or outside the tasks conferred to them.

Some Companies, which are not linked to this Company, can decide to share personal information with the Company. In this case, information are ruled by the procedures used by the Company to process personal information.    

The Company has collaborations with public authorities to guarantee the respect for the law. So upon formal request and with respect to the Laws which regulate this matter, personal information can be transmitted to Judicial Authority and Police, the State's Financial Administration or other Public Administration for State's protection and safety, prevention, check or suppression of civil, criminal and administrative illegal acts.

Non-personal or general information, including personal information collected in partnership and anonymously, are not under limitations related to the processing of personal information.
The Company has the right to transmit information to marketing operators and other operators of this sector for carrying out studies and marketing surveys, or to use information internally for statistical purposes.

Messages sent in the "chat rooms", forum or messaging of the website owned by the Company, are not kept private, but will be available and accessible to other costumers, alongside the costumer's "nickname".

6 - Information security

The company is committed to take care and protect personal information transmitted by the costumers, guarantees personal information security and applies the right technologies with respect to Italian and European standards related to minimum security measures.
The Company uses the right management methods to protect collected information, to avoid unauthorized access and disclosure, to keep information accuracy and safe information integrity, to guarantee the right use of information and prevent illegal or inappropriate use.

Personal information are processed using electronic tools only during the period of time necessary to achieve the aim for which information have been collected.
Most personal information are stored in the Company's service until the end of the contract to allow the costumer to use the required services.
After the final suspension of the costumer's account, personal information owned by the Company will be deleted, except for information which are necessary to comply with a specific request of the Judicial Authority.
Information which are needed for the invoice will be stored only for the purposes mentioned above for a period of 5 years or a longer period which can be imposed by law.

When the costumer registers on the websites of the Company, the costumer must create a user ID (or handle) and re-enter twice a password which includes at least six characters, to guarantee protection of costumer's personal information. User ID which is choosen during registration will be used for identifying the costumer during the use of the Company's services. The Company suggests to not use common ID and passwords; passwords should be stored secretely and changed periodically.
The Company suggests to not say to other people the password used for accessing the website.  If the costumer wants to say user ID, password and personal information to other people, the costumer has the responsibility for everything done through their use, because consequences are not due to the Company.
If password is compromised, the Company suggests to change immediately, as mentioned on the website.

7 - Costumer rights

Data subjects will be able to exercise any and all other rights foreseen by Art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03.

The data subject has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data regarding him or her and to obtain indication: of the origin of the personal data; of the ends and methods of its processing; of the logics applied in the event of processing being carried out with the aid of electronic equipment.
The data subject has also the right to know the identification details of the organizations or categories of organizations to whom personal data can be communicated or who get to know them in their capacity of designated representative in any area of the country, officers or appointees.
The data subject has the right to obtain: the updating, correction or, should he or she be interested, the integration of the data; the cancellation, transformation, in anonymous form or the blockage of any data processed unlawfully, including those whose storage is not necessary in relation to the aims for which the data were collected or later processed. The data subject has the right to completely or partially oppose: for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data regarding him/her, even if relevant to the aims of their collection; the processing of personal data regarding him/her for the purpose of sending publicity material, direct sales or for carrying out market research or commercial communications.

The data subject can exercise the rights of asking to the Company cancellation or transformation of data, which have been transmitted to other people or organizations. If data have been transmitted to institutions involved in payments or credit cards creation, it could be required to contact these institutions directly.

The data subject can exercise the rights mentioned above by sending an e-mail including name and surname to the e-mail address:
The Privacy Office is responsible for this service.

8 - Changes to the legal policy

The Company has the right to change this legal policy whenever it wants and with no advance notice. In this case, changes will be transmitted by publishing them in the "news" page of the website and will be in effect 15 days after the publication. If there will be changes to this legal policy, the Company will also update the document revision data, to allow the costumers to know that the Company changed the website.

The Company suggests to visit this website's page to know the current conditions, because these conditions bind the costumer.

Rev. 1st Novembre 2015

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