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The Capricornus constellation is visible late at night in late Spring,
at midnight in late Summer and before midnight in Autumn.
22nd December - 20th January

This strange combination can be explained by the fact that at the time the Sun entered in the constellation during the winter solstice, when the most negative was located under the celestial equator. So the front part of the constellation represented a goat climbing to the top, while the rear of the constellation represented a fish submerging itself in the mystery Southern ocean. This representation is linked to the myth of the birth of Zeus, son of Cronus. It was foretold that Cronus would be dethroned by one of his children, in the same way he killed his father. Cronus started to eat his children, after his wife Rhea gave birth to them, to foil the prediction. When Zeus was born, his mother wanted to save his sixth child and she replaced him with a stone wrapped in thick bandages, before showing him to his father. Cronus ate the stone instead of his child Zeus and Rhea gave custody of her baby to two nymphs, who hid him in the Dikteon cave  on the island of Crete and he was breastfed by the goat Amalthaea. Following a different version of the myth, Amalthaea was the nymph, daugther of Ocean and Theti, who took care of Zeus, feeding him with a goat's milk. She looked horrible and so Gods shut her in a cave. When the goat died, maybe killed from Zeus, Zeus wore the goat leather, which made him invulnerable. He dethroned Cronus and eternalized his wet nurse in the constellation of Capricornus.


α (alpha) Capricorni, named Algedi (which means billy goat or steinbock), and β (beta) Capricorni, named Dabih from the Arabic al sad al dhabih  “the lucky of who sacrifices", shine on the goat's head.
Nashira ("the lucky one", "bearer of good news" from the Arabic al sa’ d al nashirah) is γ (gamma) Capricorni  and Deneb Algedi (the goat's tail) δ (delta) Capricorni is the brightest star of the constellation.


Capricornus is a cardinal sign (there are four cardinal signs, where the Sun is located at the beginning of each season: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. They are joined by a red line in astrology graphics). These signs specify movement, exuberant behavior and deal of initiative. The cardinal quality of Capricornus is prone to use and takes advantage of the environment. Capricornus is an Earth sign and represents the separation from the material world and the concentration of the winter, symbolizing the seed which starts a slow and gradual ripening under the soil. The end of the Capricornus hieroglyph represents a curl which folds on its own and it explains these individuals' inclination to introversion, silence and loneliness, above all in difficult time periods. Capricornus is ruled by Saturn, which represents discipline and self-control. This sign is also characterized by success in the social sector, desire for power, ambition, success, perseverance and industriousness.


Onyx is linked to Capricornus, because it is connected to Saturn. The name comes from "onix", nail, due to its translucent color, and acts on optimism. The essence is honeysuckle. Colours are mustard yellow, brown and dark red.

“I wonder if the stars are lit up because everyone will find its own one day.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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