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The Aries constellation is visible late at night in Summer,
at midnight in Autumn and at evening time in Winter
(21st March – 20th April)
Aries constellation is easily visible at the left of the Pleiades and at the North of the constellation Cetus, is located between Pisces (at the left side) and Taurus (at the right side) and is a typical shape in the Northern sky in Autumn. “First Point of Aries” takes its name from the point where the sun is located in the day of the vernal equinox. It is linked to different legends, the most popular legend is the Golden Fleece, which shows the ability of individuals born under this sign to overcome with strength and courage the obstacles, despite anguish and fear. Jason was a baby when his father Esone, king of Iolco in Thessaly, was deprived of the throne of his brother Pelias. His mother entrusted him to the wise centaur Chiron. When he became an adult, he showed up in front of Pelias to require the throne which was entitled to him, his uncle entrusted a dangerous mission to him and expected that Jason will not return. He had to conquer the Golden Fleece, the cloak of a aries sacred to Zeus. The Golden Fleece was located in Colchis, hung at a sacred oak protected by a dragon. Jason, accompanied by 50 heros, the Argonauts, among them Heracles (Hercules), and Teseo, left on the ship Argon. At the end of the long and adventurous travel, the Argonauts arrived at the Eastern shores of Black Sea, where Jason, following the order of Efete, king of Colchis, dealt with two taurus, which shot flames out, tilled a field and sowed the field dragon’s teeth.  Wild armed worriers were born from the teeth and he defeated them with the help of the sorceress Medea, who falled in love with him at first sight. Medea anesthetized the dragon, which was protecting the sacred oak, with a soporific song, and so Jason could take the Golden Fleece.
·         a Arietis: called Hamal (from the Arabic al Ras al Hamal, which means sheep’s head) or also  al Natih (the horn which hits), because it is located at the top of the constellation.
·         b Arietis: called Sheratan in Arabic, specifies the vernal equinox and means Aries sign.  
·         g  Arietis: called Mesarthim in Jewish, the shepherds, is a star composed of two parts which are getting close gradually.
·         d Arietis: is a smaller star, called Botein from the Arabic Butain, which means little belly, because it is located in that area.
Other stars are Al butain I, II, III e IV: the little bellies, Koleon: the cover, Bharani:  the bearer, Nair al butain: the bright one of the bellies.

It represents the aries head, the male sexual organ and the first rudiments of vegetables which are born from the seed. Aries is the nocturnal domicile of Mars. March is the month of the vernal equinox and is the month of Aries (roman Mars loved the vestal Rhea Silvia and was the father of Romulus and Remus). Mars is the symbol of passion, impulsiveness, the male energy which ventures, imposes and focuses on an objective. The individuals born under the Aries sign need to “feel alive”, loaded with wild energy for starting something new (e.g., a business….); they love to stay alone because it gives freedom of action, but they are also able to have passionate and impetuous relationships. Aries is strong, resolute and determined. Aries is a cardinal sign (there are four cardinal signs, where the Sun is located at the beginning of each season: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. They are joined by a red line in astrology graphics). The cardinal quality allows these individuals to be steady and authoritative. Individuals under the Aries sign want power and take the control.

The gemstones of Aries sign reflect this fire sign ruled by the flaming Mars and are red, such as the ruby called “stone of the Sun”, which represents the vital force, the inner fire of love and passion. Another stone is the spinel, which is a crystal made of magnesium aluminide with the shape of thorn; there are different colours, but red is the colour of Aries. In ancient times people believed that taking this stone in the right (for men) or left (for women) hand increases the good influences of this stone, promoting calm and reducing poor digestion and skin disorders. The essence is lavender. The colour is red.

“I wonder if the stars are lit up because everyone will find its own one day.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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