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The Aquarius constellation is visible late at night in Summer,
at midnight in late Summer and at evening time in Autumn.
(21st January - 20th February)

Aquarius is an ancient large constellation composed of a large star cluster. These stars are little bright, especially in the East part, where there is a myriad of stars visible as a waterfall, as well as water poured from an amphora. This is represented by a man who holds the edge of a cloak or a pole in his open arm pointed towards Capricornus, while he holds an amphora from which Fluvius Aquarii flows to the Pisces Australis in the hand of the other arm. Aquarius is located with Pisces and Capricornus in the area of sky called "the Sea" or "the Water". The myth which concerns the constellation of Aquarius is various. The Babylonian represented it as Gu-La, The "Great One", the purifier and the person who regenerates water, the person who pours, distributes joy and abundance. In Greece he is the "cup-bearer of the Gods", Ganymede, who was an handsome boy and Zeus fell in love with him. Zeus allowed a big eagle (commemorated in the constellation which is close to the constellation of Aquarius) to kidnap Ganymede. He was carried to the Olympus and entrusted him with the task of serving ambrosia to Gods. In this myth the water poured from Aquarius/Ganymede represents the divine nectar of the Gods, the knowledge and the wisdom which puts in contact with the Gods. Other myths of Aquarius glorify the innovator impulse, among them the myth of Icarus and Daedalus, who anticipated the first human flight, which celebrates the power of genius, and the myth of Prometheus (the one who comes first), who steals fire from the Gods and offers it to humans.


Many stars of this constellation have names which starts with the prefix Sad- , from the Arabic sa'd, that means luck, the main stars are:
·         β Aquarii, Sadalsuud («luck of lucks»)
·         α Aquarii, Sadalmelik («Luck of the king»)
·         δ Aquarii, Skat o Scheat («shin»)
·         ζ Aquarii (Sadaltager)  
·         γ Aquarii, Sadachbia («luck of the homes (tents)»)  is one of the stars called "lucky stars" from the Ancients.
The stars γ, ζ, η and π Aquarii form an asterism called Urna, which represents the pitcher filled with water. The constellation of Aquarius creates two meteor clusters, Eta Aquariid (4th May) and Delta Aquariids (28th June).

Aquarius hieroglyph is the Egyptian symbol of water, repeated twice. This is an Air sign, because the water poured from the amphora is airy and ethereal. Individuals born under this sign have the fluid personality of water and air. It is believed that this sign represents the airy ocean where we dive and the individual's entrance to the superior condition, the connection to the Universe. It is ruled by Uranus, while it was ruled by Saturn in ancient times. This sign has fixed quality and is a masculine sign. Individuals born under this sign are freedom lovers, are open-minded and projected to the future, clever, social, with big ideas. This is the sign of friendship and collaboration. Indeed they think about love as a relationship between two brothers, between friendship and freedom.

The gemstones which are suitable for this sign are quartz, because occurs in different forms in nature, as well as this sign. Blue sapphire is also linked to this sign. It is considered the stone of Saturn and represents the superior condition of the soul. Fern is the essence of Aquarius. Colours are blue, linked to the deep spirituality of this sign, white and silver.

“I wonder if the stars are lit up because everyone will find its own one day.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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